Helping Stray Animals

rescatame animal shelter

Helping Stray Animals

Rescátame, which translates to ‘Save me’ in English, is a non-profit organization that has been developed by a group of individuals who, on their own free time, have assisted animals in need without any profit purposes – just for love, passion and wanting to improve the area in which they live. The intention of this group of animal lovers is to rescue and help every animal without a home, sick or abused in the area of Bavaro Punta Cana.

In developing nations, such as the Dominican Republic, animal welfare is ranked far lower on the list of priorities than other social problems. Combine this with a lack of education in regards to spaying and neutering and you are left with large populations of strays throughout the country.

Rescátame and its small, but growing, list of volunteers perform thankless services to these neglected animals with minimal resources. These services/objectives include:

  1. Sterilization and vaccination campaigns.

  2. Putting strays up for adoption and giving them a second chance by finding them loving homes.

  3. To create awareness between citizens, so they report abuse and cruelty cases/h4>

  4. Construct an animal sanctuary where strays can live without the stress of roaming the streets.

Caribbean Dream assists Rescátame with monetary donations made from our online excursion sales and these funds go directly to purchase food, medicines and materials to eventually build a shelter. We also accept monetary and material donations on behalf of Rescátame.